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Baptism Debates: Worthwhile Questions to Consider – Part 1

Water baptism has been consistently practiced by the Church throughout the entire history of the Christian faith. It is practiced by the vast majority of those who call themselves Christians—whether Protestant, Roman Catholic, or Eastern Orthodox. However, the method, subject, formulas, agent, effect and meaning of baptism have been issues ...

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Jesus’ Secrets to Saving Parents’ Sanity

Being a parent is intimidating. It isn’t just the funhouse of potty-training, bedtime (why won’t they sleep?!), sibling squabbles, schoolwork, table manners, and housework that threaten my sanity…it’s the knowledge that I have to navigate this maze of mirrors while actually teaching them things. Important things. I have to teach them, these ...

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How to Avoid Small Talk (And Why You Should)

Does anyone really like small talk? “Hi! How are you?” “I’m well, thanks! How are you?” “I’m good!” And with that, social etiquette deems both individuals free to part ways. We make small talk countless times throughout each week. On auto-pilot we ask about the other person’s well being. No ...

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