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When All is Not Well With Your Soul

Christian leadership has become a niche topic often characterized by words like “vision”, “big hairy audacious goal”, and “management”. However, this is really only one component of Christian leadership. In order for goals and vision to have life behind them, they must be in partnership with spiritual formation and restoration ...

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Why Jesus Tells Us to Forgive Without Limit

I’m going to let you in on a secret: being a Christian leader is hard. You’re called to influence those around you for the sake of Christ? This is a tall order. Know what else is hard to do? Forgive. It’s hard because sometimes forgiveness is attached to confrontation. These ...

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Supporting Same-Sex Attracted Christians

Yes Alex* wore the pain and shame of same-sex attraction on his face as he shared with me how many years he had cried out for God to simply takes those desires away. Aware of the stigma, it wasn’t something he felt he could talk about in the church, and ...

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