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Why You Should Care About Theology

For years, the word “theology” made my spiritual stomach churn. It was like putting the Bible on a lab table to be dissected like a dead, formaldehyde soaked frog, its cells being torn apart until they no longer resembled the organs and ligaments that had once made the frog bound with life. Then I transferred to a Christian university. And what was the very first ...

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10 Qualities of Influential Christians

All Christians have the capacity to influence the people around us to live in such a way that reflects Jesus’ heart for the world. It doesn’t matter how wide your circle of influence is – how many friends, kids, facebook acquaintances, or twitter followers you have, how large your church or community is, or how many work associates you have. What matters ...

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The Artios Christian College Launch Date is Here!

Today is the big day!!! Today, LifeSpring School of Ministry officially becomes Artios Christian College. Today, we celebrate all of the ways we have grown together in the past 8 years through LifeSpring School of Ministry…and we celebrate the future we have together in the ministry of Artios Christian College. As Artios, we emphasize that following Jesus makes people leaders ...

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Why Jesus-Followers Should See Themselves as Leaders

You may not be in the habit of thinking of yourself as a leader. Few of us are. For some, the idea of leadership is intimidating. Others want to lead but don’t feel they are given the opportunity. Some lead in the background without the recognition traditionally associated with leadership. Still others are recognized as leaders but doubt their ability to lead. ...

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Artios Countdown: 90 Days!

The countdown is on! On January 31, 2017, LifeSpring School of Ministry will become known as Artios Christian College. (That’s AR-tee-oss for those of you curious about the pronunciation.) However, we won’t just be the same school with a different look. With Artios, we are taking the qualities that made LifeSpring so unique and transforming them into core strengths. Here ...

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What Everyday Christians Need to Understand About the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God. It’s a Jesus-phrase that gets a lot of air time in Christian circles, and yet the depth of it often means that we don’t realize the profundity of what we are talking about when these words pass through our lips. However, as Christians who want to actively influence our homes, church, workplaces, and communities for the honor and ...

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