Favorite #Leadership Posts

Every so often, the editors here at Artios Magazine feel the need to dive into the #leadership world of Tweets and Instagram posts. There’s something exhilarating about scrolling through a social media feed all about leadership and seeing that serendipitous quote or piece of advice that speaks perfectly to your own leadership journey. #Leadership posts, no matter how sentimental or ...

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Thought Provoking #Leadership Posts

Everyday Christians are recreated to be leaders in our realms of influence. As with every facet of our lives, God calls us to be good stewards of the resources He has given us. This stewardship not only includes tangible things like material items and finances, but also the intangible things like skills, relationships, and influence. A big part of stewarding our influence ...

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Artios Magazine’s Top Posts From 2017: Everyday Christians, Everyday Leadership

Over the course of 2017, Artios Magazine has covered much ground and addressed some heavy issues! We’ve published articles on everything from changing diapers and doing laundry to supporting same-sex attracted Christians. We’ve covered the importance of understanding our culture’s postmodern roots and why student loan debt isn’t an exception to the biblical rule. Through it all our mission has been to ...

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The Artios Christian College Launch Date is Here!

Today is the big day!!! Today, LifeSpring School of Ministry officially becomes Artios Christian College. Today, we celebrate all of the ways we have grown together in the past 8 years through LifeSpring School of Ministry…and we celebrate the future we have together in the ministry of Artios Christian College. As Artios, we emphasize that following Jesus makes people leaders ...

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Artios Countdown: 90 Days!

The countdown is on! On January 31, 2017, LifeSpring School of Ministry will become known as Artios Christian College. (That’s AR-tee-oss for those of you curious about the pronunciation.) However, we won’t just be the same school with a different look. With Artios, we are taking the qualities that made LifeSpring so unique and transforming them into core strengths. Here ...

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Introducing Artios Christian College

Artios Magazine is a publication of LifeSpring School of Ministry. In May of 2016, LifeSpring School of Ministry announced that it is changing its name to Artios Christian College. Here is the announcement, in case you missed it: Over the past 7 years LifeSpring School of Ministry has transformed from a fledging ministry school to a vibrant Christian college that ...

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