The Artios Christian College Launch Date is Here!

Today is the big day!!! Today, LifeSpring School of Ministry officially becomes Artios Christian College. Today, we celebrate all of the ways we have grown together in the past 8 years through LifeSpring School of Ministry…and we celebrate the future we have together in the ministry of Artios Christian College.

As Artios, we emphasize that following Jesus makes people leaders and focus on equipping Christians to be vibrant leaders – through flexible programs, affordable courses, and other intentional resources that lay a foundation of biblical theology, restoration, and missional engagement.

Artios Christian College is for anyone who wants to influence their families, churches, communities, and workplaces to more closely reflect God’s heart/plan for the world of the 21st century Church.

What does Artios mean again?

Artios (AR-tee-ah ss) is the Greek word that is at the root of the word “equipping ” in Eph. 4:12. It means “to make something complete”. Biblically, the word has a connotation of equipping as it refers to laying biblical foundations, personal restoration, and missional engagement. Thus, our curriculum and resources are designed around these concepts.

Visit our new website!

The Artios adventure starts at Please join us there as we continue our mission of equipping leaders for a vibrant 21st century church!

Disclaimer: This article is an editorial and represents the views and opinions of its author. It does not serve as an 'official' statement of the views of Artios Magazine or its sponsors.

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About Amber Mann Riggs

Amber Mann Riggs
Amber Mann Riggs is the Dean of Administration for Artios Christian College and holds a B.A. in Youth Ministry and a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, both from Colorado Christian University. She is a home-school mom to four young daughters and a smitten wife to her husband, Bryan. You can follow her on twitter @ambernriggs.